An Integrated Tradeshow Booth

Every action that we now undertake is or can be integrated with a larger campaign. The only limiting factors being our own imagination, and if it is realisable computationally. Below we share our insights into how you can look at your exhibition space differently when designing your next booth.

Realise that integration provides economies of scale, excitement in your space and transparency of your message

In a trade show display design when we go six meters high with inset back-lit marquee picture cube performing as way finders, consolidated presentation areas as enthralling engaging elements, towering messaging collaborating with brand performance we can proudly attest to the fact that we have achieved efficiency in economics, engineering in scale and artistry in form.

Design experts view in utilising space for a better showcase

In a small island setting, always design for the core — 6m x 6m — however, look at ways to expand to 6m x 9m or 6m x 9m.

What are the benefits for you, you ask? Use the additional space to invite your product advocates to use it for broadcasting live to their channels. This way, your brand gains the ‘name and fame’ and your space will be perceived as the ‘happening place’.

High-order intelligent booth design in a low order pecking arrangement

What does this mean?

Simply put; if you are exhibiting in a venue for the first time, you will be given a space, back in the show hall, against a wall or surrounded by few inline exhibitors. You will not get any prime location. They are usually taken up by the brand exhibitors who have been exhibiting for a while.

What should you do? How do you design for this space?

Apply computational ways of thinking to design, experimentation and expression

Go against the grain. Instead of accepting, that what it is — think of it this way — you have been given the opportunity to highlight the whole area in the back (or wherever). You can now rock this space. Form an alliance with your neighbouring inline exhibitors. Encourage them to come use your space. You are an ‘island’ in the midst of the inline exhibitors. So, act like one.

Get into the act of hiring some speakers or better yet, shine the light on your booth staffers. Integrate their knowledge and inspire them to do some public speaking for your brand, in your space. They will love it because they get to explore their intelligence and integrate it with the over-arching brand presentation.

Use integration as a stylistic expression to problem solving.

Change your paradigm of thinking, not because new tools are available. Because you are exploring computational ideas.

What does this mean?

Products always gains meaning when used in context. Today, you have more computing power in your hand held device than the rocket that was sent to moon. Yet, do you use it? The short answer is NO. Perhaps, you do not know the various ways that this device can be integrated into your daily life. The key word is INTEGRATION.

Monetise your island space and show them the art of using your product.

They do not need to know the science of the product. They need to know the context in that which it can be used. Your exhibit design is ONLY the stage for the performance of your art.

LAH-CAL is pleased to announce our new production facilities in Myanmar. From exhibition stands to congresses please contact for your next event in Myanmar.


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