Diary of Events Manager by Lah-Cal

Procuring meetings, conferences and events is not a simple task. You require expert events management and venue knowledge coupled with creative ideas that deliver a return on a company’s budget.

Over the next few weeks LA-CAL will be sharing our experiences and insights from 15 years plus of delivering meetings, conferences and events in EMEA & Asia.


The early bird catches the worm: Venue is a critical element for all events, none more so then for conferences and meetings. We snap up some of the best venues up to a year in advance, and the best way to avoid disappointment is to always be one step ahead, leave 14 months for a big conference (200 plus).

Location, Location, Location: Another important aspect to bear in mind in the initial planning stages of a conference or event is location. Location where are you hoping to get delegates coming in from? The more convenient the location, you have a higher chance of more delegates attending.

Are you planning a meeting or conference or event? Did you know LAH-CAL does free venue searches and returns commissions on venues procured back to you! Email us at mice@lah-cal.com to being your free venue search.

SAP TechEd 2013 - Amsterdam, Netherlands


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